Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some Delicious Links, July 11/09

Some resources we came across this week, reposted from our megsnotebook Delicious account.

Hybrid web browser out of Japan. Provides the use with the ability to choose on of 3 browser rendering engines: Trident (found in Internet Explorer), Gecko (the same version found in Firefox 3.5), or WebKit (found in Safari and Chrome). while the average user may not be very interested in this feature, it's great for those of us who do web development: different browsers displaying certain things differently (e.g. embedded videos), and Lunascape allows us to quickly scan the three rendering engines to find the right fit.

Bantam Live is a social CRM web app. Company members / employees can share information, track activities, and manage all contact and customer relationships via the real-time activity stream.

Mapspread is an online service for creating interactive maps. A Canadian company, out of Quebec, they've serviced quite a list of clients over the years, including Google and Microsoft. They cater to businesses, but do offer free services, and the service is very easy to use.

Pinboard advertises itself as the antisocial bookmarking tool.