Tuesday, October 13, 2009

cctext - New(ish) Wiki on the Market

cctext is newish wiki in an already flooded wiki market, with many of the free wiki offerings already being taken advantage of by educators. cctext is aiming to cater to the Enterprise 2.0 interests with a focus on the small business market.

cctext is starting to get some coverage on the blog circuit - check RWW's article, but what really caught my attention and made me decide to mention this new player is the fact that it's open to Google Apps users and allows us to carry over our login,
"If your company uses Google Apps, you don't need to remember another account or password. Just use your company Google Apps account to sign in to any services of cctext. Welcome Google Apps users!"

For many of us who are using Google Apps in classroom activities, or have fully integrated these services into our teaching plans, a wiki environment which accommodates tools from our preferred service is a real bonus. The only drawback is the price, or the fact that it actually costs, $12 a month. Check out the full list of features you get for $12 a month.

It would be a tool best integrated at a corporate level by IT, and offered as the default for the school as a means of absorbing the expenses. But not all of us work for districts / boards that are in a position to pursue this financially.