Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Note-Taking Service for the Busy Post-Secondary Student

NoNotes note-taking services which allows you to record your lectures, meetings, debates, or personal notes through a digital recorder of your choosing (they obviously sell and recommend their recorders, and they require that you submit files in either MP3 or Windows Media format.), upload the audio file to your free account online, and then download or have the transcribed notes e-mailed for a fee. The fee starts at $9.57 per class hour, and they advertise packages of 1, 5, and 10 hour class times.

The automatically generated notes can then be edited and modified at one's leisure, allowing the student to build on the class notes. There are some quality-assurance issues to keep in mind and which NoNotes does point out:
  • Have the recorder as close to the output source as possible to get the best audio quality, and in turn, most accurate notes;
  • Only one speaker/time. (For Example: Scattered back and forth speech may be difficult).
For students with disabilities, students with a heavy workload and the financial ability to dedicate some money toward such a service, or student work groups who pitch-in to manage their workload, such a service is well worth the reasonable fee. Most files will be transcribed and delivered with 1-2 days.