Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sony's eBook Platform for Self-Publishing

Sony recently setup a partnership with Smashwords and Author Solutions which will allow any author (published or self-published) to upload a book to their eBook Store, and in-turn give all these writers access to disseminate their work via the e-reader platform.

Sony will of course monitor and vet content for hate speech, plagiarism, formatting issues or public-domain books offered by someone other than the legitimate author or a legal representative.

I can't hep but think that there's got to be a number of different ways to tie this tool into an activity, especially secondary and post-secondary projects and creative writing classes. These open platforms really do represent the promise of the web for all with the interaction, control, and participation of Web 2.0 - for digital learning, a peer-based learning environment guided by teachers and educators, as emphasized by the Digital Youth Project.

As a side note, Amazon also provides a similar service which allows authors to self-publish to the Kindle platform - it's called Digital Text Platform, but Amazon’s service only accepts submissions from within the United States.