Sunday, November 8, 2009

Education and Web 2.0 White Paper

Steve Hargadon, social learning consultant and creator of Classroom 2.0, has just released a white paper - Educational Networking: The Important Role Web 2.0 Will Play in Education.

If you take the computer out of the educational process in many of today's classrooms and schools the activities and instruction wouldn’t change much, but Steve Hargadon see's Web 2.0 changing all that. His central point is that Web 2.0 will be the computer "technology" which will finally change the institution and practice of education as we know it - how we teach, how we plan and integrate curriculum, what is curriculum, process, etc.. He identifies the spreadsheet, the word processor, and email as seminal in the changing and defining how the business world now functions, and frames Web 2.0 in the same context as regards the educational process.
...The advent of the Internet, however, and in particular what we are calling “Web 2.0,” has so significantly changed our relationship to information and our own personal learning opportunities outside of formal education, that we’re beginning to see a set of software tools emerge that are profoundly altering both learning processes and outcomes. These tools allow us to see the start of a radical evolution in education that will bring such dramatic changes that we’ll soon be at a point where we won’t be able to imagine education without them.
Steve's discussion is really clear, well outlined, and takes an "umbrella" look at the layers, including professional development and participation at all levels (a pet peeve of mine I'm constantly harping on about).