Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Smart End of "Social" from Google and Twitter

Two announcements this week have helped push Google News and Twitter toward a smarter "social" this week.

Listiti, a web-based application, was introduced to the social media world this week and its tag line is "Google Alerts Meets Twitter Lists"....excellent. Yes, Twitter lists does help navigate the onslaught of meaningless tweets, but we still had to face the prospect of filtering through endless meanderings to find one useful tweet: and the more you follow the more of an ordeal it becomes. Listiti allows you to have keywords you specifiy, and as many as you want, search through an associated Twitter list of your choosing. Once you've set up your alert Listiti will send you email alerts (presently set at once every hour) whenever tweets match your specified query.

Google News has developed a Custom Sections Directory, which gives users the ability to create customized news sections to put on their Google News home page and / or share with other users. In other words, if you use Google News and find yourself building complex filters to simply gather articles on a particular topic, now you can just create your own section for that topic. and it's simple - add the relevant keywords, tests the results, if you're happy you can then publish it to a directory so others can benefit.

All we need is an application which would allows us to combine our news section with the Twitter list that would be an all-encompassing news goldmine during elections or other news-crazed activities or periods.

We teach media and media monitoring to our elementary students, and products like the new Google News custom sections helps bridge the students with information which may still seem a little "grown-up" to them.