Monday, November 30, 2009

Twitter and PowerPoint Presentations - Now this is Interactive

Timo Elliot has recently released PowerPoint Twitter tools built on SAP Business Objects that let presenters see and respond to tweets within their presentations in real-time. Now that's interactive. Some positive possibilities for presentations delivered via web conference or ways of introducing other remote presenters / parties.

Context is everything, though, in certain environments I can see this tool backfiring or causing certian editorial challenges vis-a-vis "distracting" tweets. Correcting this thanks to clarification by Timo Elliot himself,
"there's a moderation option for any off-topic (or off-color) tweets (with the help of and a designed person to monitor the feed)"
Worth a try. There are a number of PowerPoint Twitter tools to accommodate different presentation and information gathering activities, e.g. feedback, voting, etc.