Sunday, February 28, 2010

Students' Input on Tech Use in Schools

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A recent article in Education Week looks at student views regarding the use of technology in schools, and also introduces a Ning group which explores the role of students in decisions about the use of technology in schools - an excellent idea, we're all concerned with how best to integrate technology and web 2.0 into the classroom, but there's very little literature or real discussion about what students think of the present state of things.

The 2008 national findings of Project Tomorrow's Speak Up survey, show that only one-third of high school students think their school is "doing a good job preparing them for the jobs of the future", and in the use of technology, most students view their time at school as means “powering down” for a few hours. Many students believe their k-12 school environment is letting them down in the area of technology, and from the few surveys and discussions on this topic it's quite obvious that students want a "more technology-rich learning environments and would like the opportunity to use more Web 2.0 tools and mobile devices in school".

A worthwhile read and the Digital Directions Ning group is a great way to generate some great discussions and possibly lay the foundation for some tech-collaboration among the participants.