Sunday, February 7, 2010

YayTrail - New Web Annotation Tool

YayTrail is still in development and probably a number months away from any sort of beta release, but its main premise holds quite a bit of promise and points to what may be an exciting product.

YayTrail is a web annotation tool which let's the user add a note right in the content / text itself. Presently, the web annotation tools most of us work with provide users with bloated menus and sidebars, making references to specific sections of articles or pages an ordeal which inevitably involves many steps.

This simple feature can really make a world of difference for group / project work, in fact, its simplicity is what makes this tool attractive. Somewhere along the way, web annotation tools lost touch with the reality that most users of these tools are already members of social networks, and most don't expect, or don't want to, use this type of tool in that context: web annotation tools are used to discover, share, research, and, if ultimately successful, do some actual work.

YayTrail still has a way to go to connect the discover and share with the research and work - and its intention may be to never move in that direction. But with a few added features - tagging, groups - this would be a great tool for classroom projects, from elementary onwards.