Friday, October 22, 2010

Online Privacy Poll - Parents Say Social Networks Aren't Protecting Kids' Online Privacy

Interesting national poll (US) released a few weeks ago on parents' perception of social networks and the protection of their kids' online privacy. The poll, commissioned and released by Common Sense Media (CSM), found that "92 percent of parents are concerned that kids share too much information online, and 85 percent of parents say they're more concerned about online privacy than they were five years ago".

The poll also found that the sharing of kids' geo-location is a source of real worry for parents, and many would prefer that this process be somehow authorized or accessible by parents. The biggest fear for parents who expressed concern about information sharing is, as expected, sexual predators: despite the many recent high-profile tragedies linked to cyberbullying over the past year, 72 percent of parents indicated sexual predators as their primary concern, with only 2 percent listing cyberbullying as their main concern, surprisingly behind "difficulty securing job or college placement (10 percent).

But here's the surprsing stat for schools, most "parents (70%) say they think schools should play a role in educating students about protecting their privacy online." Would be great to know what Canadian parents' think about this topic...

The poll was actually conducted by Zogby International, and you can access the full list of results on Education Week's site.

For more information on CMS's privacy initiative, visit their Protect Our Privacy—Protect Our Kids site.