Saturday, December 4, 2010

Google Cloud Picker...I'm sure they'll change the name

A whack of media over the last couple of days on Google's new, upcoming, feature...Cloud Picker. An unfortunate name, and one I'm willing to bet they'll change as this feature matures.

What is it? It's an online storage product that connects several of Google's services under one storage space, e.g. YouTube, Docs, Maps and Picasa photos. Basically, a sort of online drive (G Drive anyone) which allows for easy insertion of docs and objects into many of Google services like Blogger and Google Sites.

Here's a list of articles on the cloud picker:

Some Other Google News

Google Editions is the supposed name of the e-book store it will soon be launching. The "store is said to have more than a half million titles that will be readable on nearly any device that can access the Web... and it will be up and running before the end of the month", see ReadWriteWeb's Google's New E-Book Store: One Store, Any Device.

Google Earth 6, just released and wow. This version adds two new features, an integrated Street View experience and 3D trees (lots of them). It also makes it easier to browse archived / historical imagery associated with a specific location.

Google starts tackling copyright infringement, and "company has laid out a number of steps it says it will take to ensure that it does its part to 'better address the underlying problem'", see Google Vs. the "Bad Apples": Four Steps Against Copyright Infringement.