Monday, April 4, 2011

A Couple of Articles Comparing Education in Ontario and the US

Ben Levin, Canada Research Chair in Education Policy and Leadership at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, recently authored (and co-authored) a couple of articles published in Education Week (US education periodical). The articles provide an outsider's view of education in the US, and a good "discussion" piece on education systems and reform abroad (i.e. non-US, specifically, Ontario, Japan, Finland, and Singapore) and how the US can learn from them.

Thought I'd post them, since Ontario's education system rarely gets any mention in the US, and for those of us who work in it, it's interesting to see how it's portrayed.

  • Learning from Abroad is the other article, unfortunately it's membership access only. But I suspect it will soon be released as part of a package prepared by a working group on the “Futures of School Reform,” organized by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Education Week is running a seven-part series of Commentary essays expressing visions of members of the “Futures” group. The series, which concludes in the May 25 issue, is accompanied by a blog, written by the group.