Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Toll of Rising Tuition Fees in Ontario

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has just released a report on the increasing difficulty of meeting the skyrocketing costs of a university education for lower-to-middle class income families in Ontario - Under Pressure: The Impact of Rising Tuition Fees on Ontario Families.

Here's an excerpt from the articles abstract

"Over the past two decades, Ontario's system of financing higher education has become more regressive, exploiting already over-stretched families who want to help their children pursue their educational aspirations. In 1990, a middle-income family in Ontario could earn the equivalent of four years of tuition fees in 87 days; it will take 195 days in 2011. The situation is even more dire for low-income families who are looking at the equivalent of two years of income for four years of tuition fees in 2011.

By forcing all but the wealthiest families to play priority roulette, assume still more debt, or make the difficult decision that higher education is too great a financial burden to bear, Ontario is hampering its economic and educational potential, and we are all paying the price." (CCPA)