Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Investing in Early Childhood Education - Early Years Report Released

To truly transform kids' lives and give them the best possible start publicly funded education should start at the age of 2 -
We need to think of building education downward, but at the same time not ‘schoolifying' kids but stimulating kids” through optional, play-based programs...
This is the main message delivered by the newly released Early Years Study 3: Making Decisions Taking Action, the last report by the late J. Fraser Mustard and funded by the Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation. It's all over the Canadian news, and rightfully so, it took the bold step of introducing an Early Childhood Education Index: based on five categories (governance, funding, access, learning environment, and accountability) it provides a snapshot of provincial early childhood education services.

To access the previous two reports:
  • Early years study 2: Putting science into action (2007) focused on the policy framework necessary to improve conditions in early childhood, with a view of improving the health of the population. 
  • The seminal Early years study: Reversing the real brain drain (1999) describes the critical importance of children's early interactions in shaping their development.