Friday, January 6, 2012

Focus on Education: A Weekly Ontario News Update - January 8, 2012

A review of the last few week's of education news in Ontario.

Teachers’ disciplinary decisions now online
For the first time, disciplinary decisions involving hundreds of the province’s rogue teachers are now easily accessible online.
Hamilton Spectator, January 5, 2012

Students in poorer neighbourhoods exposed to more pollution: study
Students attending schools in low-income neighbourhoods are more likely to be exposed to air and noise pollution because of the proximity of major roads, says a Simon Fraser University study published Wednesday.
Ottawa Citizen, January 4, 2012

Want your kids to do better in school? Try exercise
Children who get more exercise also tend to do better in school, whether the exercise comes as recess, physical education classes or getting exercise on the way to school, according to an international study.
Ottawa Citizen, January 4, 2012

For students, a dog day afternoon with a school’s blessing
The name of the game is First Poochie Sniffer. When it is ready to be tested, it will offer the students who try it out the chance to experience life as a dog. “We want to know whether we can show a different kind of sense, like smell, and have someone experience a dog’s perspective that is completely smell-driven,” says York University’s Jennifer Jenson, one of a growing number of researchers who are exploring the instructional power of computer and video games designed specifically for the classroom.
Globe and Mail, January 3, 2012

Wilson after answers for rural schools
Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson has tabled three questions in the Ontario Legislature for Minister of Education Laurel Broten regarding the closure of Duntroon Central Public School and rural school closures in general., December 21, 2011

Education Minister consults on new act with local students
No student in any of Ontario’s schools should be the victim of discrimination, hatred or bullying, Minister of Education Laurel Broten told a select group of students at John F. Ross CVI Monday.
Guelph Mercury, December 19, 2011

Guelph woman to be on provincial bullying task force
A Guelph mother of a child who has been bullied hopes to serve on a task force with the Minister of Education that’s examining bullying and ways to eliminate it.
Guelph Mercury, December 19, 2011