Saturday, November 16, 2013

TDSB "Educational Gaps" Map

This one is for the TDSB-focused reader, the Globe and Mail has just published an interesting interactive map - it combines Statistics Canada data on median family income in Toronto neighbourhoods with grade score data from the Education Quality and Accountability Office. The map shows what most of us would expect to see, schools concentrated in higher-income neighbourhoods show a higher rate of compliance with the provincial standards. But for those of us who live in Toronto we'll find that there are some interesting outliers - actualy more like a unique data set, specifically north Scarborough. These pockets traditionally known as Milliken and Agincourt are on the low-end of the median total income range, but have a high concentration of schools that successfully meet provincial standards.

Also worth mentioning is A tale of two schools: The correlation between income and education in Toronto, a Globe and Mail article comparing a well-to-do Toronto neihbourhood school and a low income / primarily immigrant Toronto neighbourhood school. Still doesn't explain the north Scarborough scenario...perhaps another data variable would help shed some light on this...