Monday, December 9, 2013

Better Education Data, Special Ed Funding, Foreign Education Policies...

We need better education data [Editorial]
Victoria Times Colonist
Canada’s school-age children learn fewer basic skills each year, and our country’s education ministers don’t know why. The declining skill levels are laid bare in a new report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development...The most recent results, published last week, show that in all three subjects, pupils in Canadian schools are steadily losing ground. The top score in each test is 800. Over the last decade, our average scores have fallen from about 540 to 520.

We definitely need better education data, we need some serious education BI and analytics.

Special education funding top priority for Toronto, Peel school board chairs
Toronto Star
Special education funding is top-of-mind for at least two of the newly elected school board chairs across Greater Toronto...More than 22,000 of the board’s 153,000 students receive some form of special education.

Big Business Bets On Education, Turning Factories and Corporate Campuses Into Schools
Some interesting partnerships happening between school boards and big business in the US. A little worrisome, but in places that have experienced very high drop out rates this scenario does offer some form of employment-linked support.

11 Foreign Education Policies That Could Transform American Schools
Huffington Post
...It could be time for our country [US] to look at some of the specific protocols and methods that top-performing countries are using to educate their children. Here, we have highlighted 11 education policies from highly-ranked countries that seem to be working for them. Read up America, it's time to take some notes.