Sunday, December 1, 2013

Daily Physical Activity at Ontario Schools

A new coalition, Active At School, comprised of big sports names, business, and medicine wants to work with Ottawa and the provinces to make daily physical activity (DPA) a priority before, after and during the typical school day.

Another coalition of big names can certainly help push the cause at government planning and policy levels. But quite honestly, it's not like we, the educators and parents, don't know the obvious - our kids are getting fatter and less fit than ever before, and increased physical activity would not only help alleviate the weight / health issues, but also becomes a confidence and self-esteem builder for kids. But in institutional systems and family structures that are already stretched for time and money - e.g "Ontario elementary schools have been required to provide 20 minutes of daily physical activity (DPA) since 2006, but many still don’t even meet that target because time and space are tight", this becomes an even more difficult proposition. And while parents do also bear some responsibility for mobilizing and motivating their kids off the computer / couch, there are a lot of assumptions at work here that need to coalesce to make this happen.