Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Learning Registry...a U.S. DoE Initiative

A few years ago the United States Department of Education started developing the Learning Registry - an "academic resources" knowledge exchange network for educators and the public, with an emphasis on meeting individual teachers' and students' needs. The network can be accessed via a variety of sites that connect to the main repository: e.g. free.ed.gov, Illinois Shared Learning Environment, and LearnBig. Here's the original news release posted back in 2010):

The network is now developed and ready to pass on for the tough part of the process - building the culture and "buy-in" required to populate the network with the quality resources and materials it needs to thrive and succeed. Portals for education materials are out-there in abundance, too many in fact, and will a knowledge exchange network like the Learning Registry provide a difference? Well, a curriculum standards (Core) driven search may help...a curriculum driven library / search for education materials and resources? There's something educators and parents in Ontario would love to have, and a nice education initiative for Ontarians - just saying.

Education Week has a great article on the Learning Registry.