We've been running this blog since June 2009 and cover a range of topics and interests related to general education, government / stakeholder / academic research and studies, and education in the context of technology and digital learning.

General Education

A general overview of all the issues, questions, concerns, and success stories which comprise education in Canada and the US: everything form articles on financial literacy, to accessibility, to the changing school library, to education news in Ontario, and more.

Digital Learning

Looking at e-learning and technology we explore emerging trends, best and promising practices, web 2.0, gaming and other realities which are changing the practice of education as we know it.

Tools & Resources

Covering some applications for teachers, google resources, content / resource discovery, social media tools, and tools and resources that teachers or students can use in their work.


Articles, research, studies, surveys and more from US or Canadian government offices, think tanks and organizations dedicated to exploring issues in education, and academic journals.